DOB:  March 19 2001


          RAYS'N KIDS PAVAROTTI -TR1989-
     RAM H BUSHMAN -TR8655-
          RAM H SUNI -TR3945-
          RAM H KEREL -TR6429-
     RAM H CAMBRIA -TR8725-
          RAM H WILD FIRE -TR6266-
          116/VL-6104 -[CAN]Z96206-
     PIP 35-98 -[CAN]Z96251-
          493/94-23 -[CAN]Z96244-
          SIR CHARLES -[CAN]Z96278-
     493/97-368 -[CAN]Z96280-
          TWEEDUISEND -[CAN]Z96279-

     Ram H Dakota is still one of the most sought after bucks in the country. His progeny, are making an impact on the breed from coast to coast. In 2004 Dakota was the champion buck in Red Deer Alberta, as well as the Champion buck at Markham, Ontario placing above his herd-mate at the time, Tipper (2005 Supreme Champion of Canada). Although out of the show-ring in 2005 due to a lingering illness, he made a comeback in the fall of 2006 as the Reserve Senior Champion buck at the Canadian Caprine Classic in London, Ontario. The judge was impressed with how well he is holding up as he ages.
     Longevity is a trait that (unfortunately) many Boers lack and can't be stressed enough in a successful breeding program. Even today many of the top animals at the shows are either Dakota offspring, or have his genetics in their pedigree, we have been very fortunate to have had one of the best in the industry a part of our herd for so many years.



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