DOB:  March 19 2001


          MAGIC -[ZAF]10995884-
     YSTERKLIP -[CAN]Z96287-
          776/DX-74 -[CAN]Z96286-
776 RAM H PREMIER -TR12257-
          SCHOEMAGER -[ZAF]11217882-
     776/SH-31 -[CAN]Z96294-
          776/TM-02 -[CAN]Z96293-
          BALSON MKUBWA -TR1441-
     RAM H KEREL -TR6429-
          WEST CANS 28AE -TR3212-
RAM H NINA 36K -TR10859-
          RAM H BUTCH -TR470-
     RAM H AFI -TR1888-
          RAM H MEGAN 33E -TR1060-

2005 Supreme Champion of Canada

     Ram H Tipper is well on his way to becoming one of the great sires of the Canadian Boer goat industry. His progeny are consistently characterized by good feet and legs, good mammaries, and most importantly; superior muscling. Born in 2001 he has been getting better with age and has been sold to Ferme Chevrefleurs in Quebec. We will be breeding with 2 of his sons, Sugarfield Prototype and Sugarfield Prodigy, as well as 2 of his Grandsons, Sugarfield Reamus, and Sugarfield Rembrant. Tipper is officially the 2005 Supreme Champion of Canada.



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